Friday, January 22, 2016

2nd Book coming out at the end of October of 2016

The Vampire Witch of Bleicuid
      (Family is Family)

Coming out at the end of October of 2016

This is the conclusion to the Trinity Sylvia Dantherem story line. In this book Trinity looses the one person she loves the most. I chose this particular cover because it represents Trinity next to her beloved after he has been killed. And upon losing him, she goes on a vampire rampage killing everybody who was involved in his death including her own father whom the Vampire High Patriarch brought back as a wedding present for Trinity.
To me the ghost represents Trinity in the future coming back to grieve for her true love after she has pass away. This is going to be a very long book. Full of sorrow, pain and death but with a surprising twist at the end.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Writing my Novel

When writing a novel I never thought how difficult it would be. Trying to remember where to put the commas, the colons, the periods, question marks and quotes. I was never really good in English - that was the worse subject in the world for me besides Math. So after I wrote my first novel in 30 days in the Nano Writing Month of November of 2012 I started re-writing it making it sound better to the reader. But little did I know what I was doing was writing what I was thinking which was wrong. When a person thinks of what he/and or she wants to say in a novel, or poem or anything they write they don't realize what it reads like on paper and that was the trouble I was having besides the punctuation. So what did I do? I consulted a couple of friends and a sister to help me re-write my novel. I also did some searching on Novel Writings Tips in which I found some very good examples. My one question is do I leave the coma in after the word said? A good example would be: Jeremy looking at Trinity said, "I love you Trin" in which Trinity smiles and says back to him, "I love you too Jeremy." To this day and hour it is still very confusing to me. I just never got the hang of the English Language why I do not know. It's scary to think that my native language being English is so complicated to me.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Love from the Past

This is the story of a young woman who is a ghost who comes back to the year of 5035 some 400 years later to rekindle a love between Trinity Sylvia Dantherem and Jeremy William Blackwood knowing that Trinity has fallen in love with Jeremy or has she?
But what Trinity doesn't know is that this young woman is her some 400 years ago and had a relationship with Jeremy William Blackwood.
Will Trinity's feelings for Jeremy lead to the alter or to another man?
Will Jeremy be able to fall in love with Trinity or will he still be in love with Melina?
Deep down inside Jeremy knows that Trinity is not Melina but being that the 2 women look so much alike it was going to be hard for him.
Melina was Ancantha's and Landaus' daughter and sister to Cletheine and her twin brother Hanothoze. But Melina was a strong and powerful Dantherem witch as so was her sister Cletheine.
Trinity on the other hand is a LaCroin witch who was given her power by her 2nd great grandmother Sylvia Anita LaCroin Dantherem.

The Vampire who is a Witch

Trinity Sylvia Dantherem is a witch who falls in love with a warlock named Jeremy William Blackwood. But much to Trinity's dismay Jeremy is in love with a ghost that resembles Trinity right down to the tee. Will Jeremy be able to love Trinity for Trinity or is he in love with a ghost that he will never let go.

    I am very proud to say that this book was written in 30 days in the month of November in the year of 2012. 30 days of writing and pulling my hair trying to decide how to end this book. But I've decided not to end as there will be at least 2 more books following.
   The 2nd Book is going to be called The Creation of the planet Dronon The Almighty herself Asmythia and the Sourcian of all evil Donald have decided by working together to destroy the old planet Earth in the year of 4000 A.D. Because of the destruction that mankind brought upon themselves. And in so doing they will then create the new planet of Dronon which is Trinity's home planet.
    The 3rd Book is going to be called Family is Family in which Trinity finds a black cat roaming the alleys of Bleicuid. After taking the cat in she soon discovers that it has magical powers and as the cat then helps her to become the Vampire Queen of Bleicuid.